Letter of the Year for 2006
For Seattle and the Ile ni Baba Eyiogbe, Morunkeye ati Ogbe Che

  Baba Eyiogbe

                                      I   I
                                      I   I
                                      I   I
                                      I   I
Iré Aikú L'owo Olofin

Please note: Our ile follows the Letra from Cuba from the Organizing Commission of the Letter of the Year headed by Lazaro Cuesta. This letter does not replace it and is merely a more 'local' sign. This Letter of the Year also does not replace a Ossode that you have done to find out the Letter you personally start the year with.

A cap can't be more famous than a crown
The head leads the body
Only one king reigns over the people
I have everything and lack everything
It is a mistake not to learn from mistakes
When we have the head over our shoulders, our thought above the horizon and our feet in salted water, there is no doubt we are facing the sea
No instrument is so loud that it can drown out the sound of the agogó

Events of social interest: the loss of elder family members is highlighted; an increase in pollution and the struggle for power and drastic changes in the social order. The Odu warns to respect the decisions taken by the majority and to respect the opinion of the minorities. Possible climatological problems are predicted, that will affect the regularity of rains; penetrations by the sea with fatal consequences; disadjustment and discrepancies, as well as contradictions within the family and disrespect of the minors towards the elders. The family unity should be protected, people should be careful of excesses in pleasure, and the abuse of power. People should be modest, openhearted and humble. Meditation over mistakes committed and amended is recommended. Ifa is asking people to measure their social conduct, to be courteous and patient with visitors.

The reigning Odu for 2006 warns that each one reaches their position in life by their own merits. Ifa warns about marine and aerial catastrophes. We should be extremely careful with libertinage, and its fatal consequences on health and social conduct. Baba Eyiogbe marks the loss of religious elders and public personalities, and marks war.

Baba Eyiogbe has arrived. This Odu predicates the light and brings general benefits from the social standpoint, is an Odu of victory over enemies and positive spiritual vibrations, peace and premonition
Baba Eyiogbe means double salvation, a health benefit that is brought to us, or a long life that is offered to us by Olofin.

Baba Eyiogbe demands respect for minorities.

The illnesses that are likely to increase are disturbances of the respiratory system -- it is highly recommended to be careful with tuberculosis -- problems with the legs, ophthalmological, gynecological and obstetric problems will increase, as well as neurological ones, disadjustment of the central nervous system, digestive disturbances as well as sickness caused by malnutrition.